Midjourney V5 Is LIVE! Here’s EVERYTHING You Need To Know

This week has been eventful for AI enthusiasts, with GPT-4 launching and Google integrating AI into everything. However, the most thrilling news came from Midjourney as they launched their fifth version. Midjourney V5 is currently only available for paying subscribers of Midjourney. If you missed out on the live stream, here's everything you need to know about this launch.

Midjourney Magazine

Midjourney Magazine subscription Monthly inspiration in your mailbox.
Midjourney Monthly subscription

The first announcement of the live stream was the launch of MidJourney's magazine. The magazine aims to showcase the diverse creativity of the MidJourney community, with a selection of artwork curated from the 10,000 most highly rated images along with interviews with community members. You can sign up at https://mag.midjourney.com and use the coupon code “subscriber” to receive the first issue for free. The magazine looks promising, and it's exciting that the first issue is free!

Midjourney V5

The second announcement was the launch of the V5 of Midjourney. The announcement was so significant that almost 2,000 people attended the live stream. Midjourney V5 is currently only available for paying subscribers of Midjourney. If you're still using a free trial of Midjourney, unfortunately, you won't be able to use V5. Midjourney doesn't have the computational power to let everyone use it for free, so it requires one of their premium plans.

How To Access Midjourney V5

Now, assuming you're a paying member of Midjourney, there are two ways to access Midjourney V5. First, you can add “–V 5” to the end of any prompt to generate a Midjourney V5 image. Alternatively, you can set it to your default by typing “/settings” and selecting Midjourney V5 as your default version.

What's New In Midjourney V5?

Midjourney V5 comes with significant improvements that make it worth getting. Here are some of the notable changes:

  • Upgraded Resolution: Midjourney V5 offers an improved resolution, which translates into higher-quality images. Prompts that look like photographs will now look even more like photographs. The increased resolution is due to an improved AI architecture in V5.
  • Improved Hand and Skin Textures: Midjourney V5 has addressed one of its significant criticisms in the previous version: the hand generation. The improvement in hand textures, as well as skin textures, now have more realistic imperfections and blemishes. Teeth generation has also been improved, leading to more accurately generated teeth that look realistic.
  • Efficient Prompting: Midjourney V5 has improved its prompting algorithm, leading to much more efficient and smarter prompting. V5 generates specific prompts, which result in more appropriate and realistic images.

FAQ Section

The Midjourney Discord has a prompt FAQ section that's very helpful for anyone looking for more information about Midjourney V5. The FAQ answers some of the most common questions that people have about V5.

Final Thoughts

Midjourney V5 is a considerable upgrade from the previous version. With upgraded resolution, improved hand and skin textures, and more efficient prompting, it's no surprise that so many people attended the live stream. If you're a paying member of Midjourney, you should definitely give Midjourney V5 a try!

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