Is ChatGPT Plus Worth the Investment? A Speed Test and Comparison to the Free Version

In this speed test, we will compare ChatGPT and ChatGPT PLUS, paying particular attention to the response speed. ChatGPT PLUS claims to offer a faster response time, so we will test this claim and compare it side by side with ChatGPT.

We will use the examples provided by both chatbots and send the messages at the same time in two different browsers.

Side-by-Side Comparison

We will begin by testing the response time of the chatbots for three different prompts. For the first prompt Explain Quantum Computing in simple terms ChatGPT PLUS was the clear winner with a faster response time. However, it took a while for the prompt summation or title to appear in the menu.

For the second prompt Got any creative ideas for a 10 year old's birthday party ChatGPT PLUS won again, but this time it was a lot closer. We also noticed that ChatGPT PLUS was more verbose and creative in its responses, suggesting a virtual party with a video conferencing platform and Geocaching, while ChatGPT was more basic in nature.

For the third and final speed test prompt How do I make an HTTP request in JavaScript ChatGPT PLUS once again took the lead and finished first, with the prompt title at the top. However, we also noticed that ChatGPT was more verbose in its response, providing more information, while ChatGPT PLUS gave a more concise answer, just providing an example piece of code.

ChatGPT Paid Version – ChatGPT PLUS

Overall, ChatGPT PLUS won all three speed tests, proving to be faster than the regular and free ChatGPT. If you need fast responses and availability, ChatGPT PLUS is definitely a plus compared to the regular ChatGPT.

Even when demand is high, we didn't experience any issues with ChatGPT PLUS being down. However, we also noticed that ChatGPT PLUS gave more concise responses, while ChatGPT was more verbose, providing more information.

Overall, if you are looking for a faster and more available chatbot, consider ChatGPT PLUS.

Let us know in the comments what you think about this speed test and ChatGPT PLUS.

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