How to Use AI to create 2D game assets and earn passive income

Making 2D game assets can be a challenging endeavor, especially if you're working alone. Imagine, however, if there was a way to accelerate the procedure and easily generate high-quality 2D game assets. AI can help in this situation.

In-depth discussion of using AI to create 2D game assets and earn passive income will be provided in this article. We will make use of Midjourney, which can generate stunning images from textual instructions.

Step 1: Start with a Good Prompt

Starting with a potent prompt is the first step in using AI to create 2D game assets. The asset you want to create is described briefly in a prompt. To generate a sci-fi spaceship, for instance, you might begin by saying, “I want a sci-fi spaceship.

Next, you should give the spaceship a distinct look. This can be a specific style from a video game or movie, or even a creative fusion of styles. For instance, you might want to combine the Overwatch aesthetic with a walrus to produce a novel spaceship design.

Step 2: Define the Specifications

You must specify the asset's specifications once you are certain of your goals. In this instance, a 2D spaceship that can serve as a game asset is what we're after. Additionally, we want it to have flat shading, crisp lines, and symmetry.

We also want to stay away from things like fuzzy, glowing, or blurry effects. Watermarks, faces, and intricate backgrounds are not desired because they can make it challenging to cut out the asset for use in a game or conceptual art.

Step 3: Generate the Images

We can produce the images using Midjourney now that we have a clear prompt and the asset's specifications. Generating numerous images all at once is a crucial consideration.

midjourney ai art 2D game asset sci fi spaceship - How to Use AI to create 2D game assets and earn passive income - AIFastCash
Midjourney prompt: “sci-fi spaceship, game asset, 2D, overwatch style, cyberpunk

Finding an image that meets your needs is more likely as you produce more images. Simply enter your prompt and requirements into Midjourney and click send to generate the images.

Step 4: Refine the Results

Refine the outcomes after you have generated a batch of images. Find a base image to serve as the foundation for all of your game's assets. The colors and textures in this picture should match what you want for your assets.

You can create your own spaceship by using Midjourney's “image to image” feature and the seed image. Simply put the URL of your image into Midjourney and use the same prompt and guidelines as before. Create a number of images, then pick the ones that work best for you.

Step 5: Earn passive income

It's time to start generating passive income now that you have a collection of top-notch 2D game assets. There are a few ways to do this, such as offering the assets for sale on online stores like the Unity Asset Store, Unreal Engine Marketplace, and

Additionally, you can sell the assets as a part of a game development package or use them to make your own games. The possibilities are endless when using AI-generated game assets.


In conclusion, using AI effectively can be a great way to create top-notch 2D game assets and generate passive income. Game developers can establish a dependable revenue stream by beginning with a strong prompt, defining the specifications, producing many images, fine-tuning the outcomes, and monetizing the assets.

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