How to Make Money with Midjourney AI Art

There are a number of methods for artists to earn money with Midjourney. Check the “Business Use” section of the Midjourney website to guarantee that you have the legal right to use the photographs for commercial reasons.

According to the website, you may use the photographs in any manner you like, but if your annual sales exceed $1,000,000 or you work for a firm that does, you must sign up for a corporate plan.

Terms Of Use

It's important to note that even while the website indicates that you can use the photographs in most cases, it's always a good idea to contact a lawyer or a solicitor to ensure that you comply with all legal laws.

Printing and selling your Midjourney AI artwork is one method to earn money with it. You may sell your artwork online, in person, or through print-on-demand businesses such as Zazzle, Redbubble, and Spreadshirt. These businesses will print your artwork on t-shirts, art prints, posters, and books, and you will receive a commission on each sale.

This is a fantastic method to generate money online since it is essentially passive; you simply submit your artwork to the site, and when someone buys it, the firm prints and ships it to the consumer.

YouTube Videos

Creating material around your Midjourney AI artwork is a second method to earn money. You may generate Adsense cash by monetizing your YouTube channel with videos. This may be a terrific opportunity to meet other artists and art aficionados, as well as make additional cash.

In addition, you may create a blog and display advertisements on it. This may not be a major source of income, but it can help you earn some extra cash.

Digital Art

In addition, you may incorporate Midjourney AI artwork into your own designs and sell them, as well as sell digital art files on venues such as Etsy, Creative Market, and DeviantArt.

If you are a graphic designer or site designer, for instance, you may use Midjourney to generate distinctive graphics that you can include in your work. Additionally, you may sell digital art assets online as bundles or templates.


Midjourney has several opportunities for financial gain. Printing and selling your artwork, developing content around your artwork, and using it in your own creative work are just a few of the countless options. The trick is to be inventive, to think beyond the box, and to examine all accessible choices.

Always verify the legal requirements for commercial usage and consult a lawyer or attorney if you have any questions.

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