How To Make Money With AI (TOO EASY)

Clearly, one of the most important trends in the technology sector nowadays is artificial intelligence (AI). This is the ideal time to cash in on the AI Gold Rush, and we'll show you how to do it the simplest way in this blog post.

We'll go over three key ways to make money with AI, but our main strategy is using affiliate marketing to market AI tools. You'll understand how to use affiliate marketing to make money with AI by the end of this article.

The Difficult Way to Profit from AI

The challenging way to make money with AI is to create AI software. This strategy entails spending millions of dollars to market and profitably sell your AI software. This approach can be profitable despite the fact that hundreds of new AI tools and products are released every single week and are in direct competition with one another. However, we'll concentrate on a much simpler method of using AI to generate income in this article.

Finding the Best AI Tools

You need to be aware of the most recent AI tools released if you want to make money with AI. The website is daily updated and totally free. It is a fantastic tool for finding the top AI tools as they become available.

futurepedia ai tools directory - Make Money With AI -
Futurepedia – The Largest AI Tools Directory

Every type of AI tool you can think of is available on, which is organized by a number of categories and can be filtered to display only the most popular tools. Once you've created your list of the top ten tools, you can use affiliate marketing to market them.

Earn Cash Through Affiliate Marketing

A commission is earned for each sale made using your special affiliate link when you use the straightforward business strategy of affiliate marketing. The objective is to encourage people to click on your link, and in the past, affiliates have offered out-of-date e-books and courses as a perk. This article will demonstrate a brilliant strategy for encouraging people to click on your affiliate link.

Making a Simple Guide with Scribe

To create a step-by-step manual on how to use an AI tool, use the free Chrome extension Scribe. For instance, we can create a straightforward manual that explains how to use the AI blog post writing tool and how to write a blog post using it in 30 seconds.

Simply click Start recording with Scribe, and everything is set to go. Then, if someone signs up using our affiliate link, we can walk them through the process of finishing a task and create a step-by-step guide that we can give away.

Keyword Research

A useful tool to help you promote AI tools is vidIQ. It can be used to find the most pertinent keywords for your AI tool and improve the SEO of your content.

All you need to do is paste the name of the AI tool into the keyword field, hit Search, and then hit Read in order to use vidIQ. This will display the related keywords that YouTube users are searching for. You can use vidIQ to optimize your content so that it appears higher in search results and draws more users to your AI tool.


As we've shown, affiliate marketing is the simplest way to make money using AI. All you have to do is use to find the best AI tools, Scribe to make an easy guide, and vidIQ to optimize your content. By following these steps, you can easily make money with AI.

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