Insane ai art with Midjourney V4

How To Generate INSANE AI Art For Beginners with Midjourney V4

Learn how to create mind-blowing AI art with Midjourney V4 in this beginner-friendly guide. Discover tips and tricks to generate insane designs!

If you’re interested in creating stunning AI art pieces, you’re in luck because there is a free AI art generator available that can produce breathtaking artwork in just a few minutes. In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to use the Midjourney V4, an AI art generator, to create stunning art pieces that are sure to impress.

Accessing Midjourney V4

The easiest way to access Midjourney V4 is through Discord. If you don’t have Discord yet, head over to and download it. Once you have a Discord account, you can join the Midjourney server to use the generator. You can easily join the Midjourney Discord server by going to, which is in the description below.

Generating AI Art with Midjourney V4

Once you’re in the Midjourney server, go into one of the newbie channels and type “/imagine“. You will be prompted to give Midjourney V4 the keywords for your artwork. Type in your desired keywords, and Midjourney V4 will generate art pieces based on those keywords.

To get the best results, type –V 4, which will tell Midjourney to use version 4. Additionally, you can pick an aspect ratio by typing –ar 2:3, 1:1, or 3:2. Hit Enter and wait for the results.

Once the results are in, you can select one of the options by typing ‘U‘ to upscale, or ‘V‘ to choose a version. You can generate up to 25 of these for free. If you want to generate more, you can pay $10 a month to get 100, which allows you to generate them privately.


Using Midjourney V4, you can easily create stunning AI art pieces with just a few simple prompts. It’s an incredible tool that allows beginners to create incredible artwork with ease. We hope this guide has been helpful and encourages you to give it a try.


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