Get Rich Selling AI Art – 100% Legal & Easy

The demand for AI art is rising, and it's now simpler than ever to turn a profit from it. The tools you'll need, how to produce works that people will want to purchase, and how to make money selling AI art are all covered in this article.

We'll also provide you with advice on how to market your creations and turn a profit. Continue reading if you're interested in using AI to make money with your art.

Configuring Your AI Bot

Signing up for an AI tool to create your art is the first thing you need to do. An AI tool called Midjourney looks after all of your needs. You can sell the artwork you produce legally, and it has a wonderful community.

There are three different plans offered by Midjourney, but the basic plan is more than sufficient if you want to use it to make money. You receive 200 image generations each month, which is more than enough to get going.

Your First Image

You must have a Discord account before starting with Midjourney because that is where you will be creating all of your images. If you haven't made an account on Discord yet, make sure to do so first. It's completely free.

Once you have a Discord account, visit Midjourney's website and select “Join the Beta” to get started. Once you've logged into their Discord, you'll notice that there are various channels, like image prompts, where you can see what users enter into the program to obtain particular results.

Go to “Add a server” and set up your server before you can begin creating your artwork. Return to Midjourney after that and invite the bot to your server. Open your settings after that, then choose the Midjourney version you want. Then, type “/imagine” to begin creating your first work of art.

Midjourney image prompt
Midjourney Image Prompt

Finding Concepts That consumers Will Want To Buy

You must produce works that people will want to purchase if you want to make money with AI art. Making something novel and unusual that hasn't been done before is one way to achieve that.

Reproducing popular works of art is another option, and AI art is capable of doing this. You can look through art galleries, social media, and other sources for inspiration for your artwork. Additionally, you can produce art for particular markets, such as abstract, landscape, or pop culture art.

You can use AI to assist you in recreating popular art. You can let the AI tool create a new image inspired by the original one, using the original artwork as a guide. This is a fantastic way to reinvent an old favorite and produce something special that customers will want to purchase.

Upsizing and Mockup Creation

Make sure your AI art looks good in a variety of sizes after you have generated it. Use Midjourney's upscale feature to accomplish this. Your artwork will look better as a result of the higher quality upscale created by this.

Midjourney Upscale or Create Variations
Midjourney Upscale or Create Variations

You should also make mockups of your artwork so that potential customers can see how it appears in various contexts.

Put Your First Listing Online

It's time to create your first listing after you've generated your artwork, made mockups, and made sure it looks good in various sizes. You can sell your artwork on a variety of websites, including Etsy, eBay, and others. Be sure to include a description of your artwork that mentions its size, type of material, and any other pertinent information.


It's now much simpler than ever to make money selling AI art. You can quickly create art and sell it legally by utilizing tools like Midjourney. You can design distinctive items that people will want to purchase, or reinterpret well-known items differently.

For artists and business people looking for innovative and exciting ways to market their products and generate income, AI art can be a lucrative opportunity.

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