ChatGPT is used by cybercriminals to make dangerous tools that may steal your data

Check Point researchers have recently uncovered that cybercriminals are utilizing AI-powered language models like ChatGPT to develop novel tools for stealing data and promoting fraud. This is the first time language models have been used maliciously by cybercriminals.

The researchers claim that cybercriminals are exploiting ChatGPT to script encryption tools that can bypass standard detection mechanisms. Hacking communities underground are then capitalizing on the need for these tools by selling and disseminating them. The language model is also being used by hackers to create plausible phishing messages and other sorts of social engineering.

The hazards of language models driven by artificial intelligence, which have been more widely available in recent years, are highlighted by this new finding. These models have many potential applications, but they can also be misused by criminals to launch more complex cyberattacks.

It's worth noting that anybody may access, modify, and train the ChatGPT model, making it ideal for a wide range of uses. It's not bad by design, but it may be abused just like any other piece of technology.

It is critical for businesses and people to understand these threats and take precautions. Some examples include avoiding downloading or utilizing encryption technologies from shady sites and always protecting yourself from phishing efforts.

To sum up, the usage of ChatGPT by hackers is concerning since it shows the risks associated with AI-powered language models. However, people and businesses may defend themselves from these threats through education and security measures.

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