7 strategies to make money with ChatGPT in 2023

After it came out, OpenAI's ChatGPT model went viral and gained more than a million users in less than a week. It's no surprise that people want to make money off of this artificial intelligence miracle, given its vast storage capacity and lightning-fast response times. Here are seven ways to put the ChatGPT business model to work for you, and make money with ChatGPT in 2023.

Chatbot Creation

Create a chatbot for use in customer care or other virtual support scenarios, then either sell it or license it to other organizations or individuals. Use ChatGPT to build robust, efficient chatbots.

Consulting Services

Provide consulting services based on your knowledge to help others implement the ChatGPT paradigm in their own work. Services like advising and programming could be offered to help clients get the most out of their ChatGPT implementation.

Training Data Sales

To improve ChatGPT's performance on certain jobs or sectors, you can create and sell training data. All of this data can be used to improve the model and make it work better.

Unique Content Generation

It can be profitable to use ChatGPT to make unique, interesting content for social media, blogs, or websites. This content can then be monetized through advertising or sponsored posts.

Automated Trading Strategies

Creating automated trading or investment strategies with ChatGPT can be a way to make money. These strategies can be monetized through trading or consulting services.

Subscription-based Service

Using ChatGPT to build a chatbot that users pay to access can be a good way to make money with a subscription-based service. This chatbot can be used for customer service, virtual assistance, or other tasks.

LMaaS (Language Model as a Service)

Offering LMaaS, where businesses pay to use your ChatGPT model for specific tasks such as language translation and text summarization, is another way to monetize the model. This provides a valuable service to businesses and can be a source of revenue for the ChatGPT model owner.


Making money with ChatGPT involves a substantial commitment of your time, resources, and experience. Furthermore, commercial usage of the GPT-3 model necessitates purchasing API access from OpenAI. The terrain may shift over time, and these are merely possibilities.

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