6 Midjourney Tips For Print On Demand To Save Time and Get Better Results

Midjourney is a popular AI art tool that allows artists and designers to create unique print on demand designs quickly and efficiently. However, like any tool, there are ways to optimize your workflow and save time, allowing you to get better results in less time. In this blog post, we will discuss 6 Midjourney tips for print on demand to save time and get better results with your prompts.

Optimize Aspect Ratio

By default, Midjourney creations come out as a square. However, if you want to sell posters, phone cases, or other non-square formats, you can modify your prompt by typing in the prompt and adding “–AR” followed by the desired aspect ratio, such as “10:14“, or “16:9“. This will modify the aspect ratio of your image, allowing you to create designs optimized for the medium you are uploading to.

Save Time with Prefer Suffix

If you're tired of typing in the same prompt repeatedly, use the “prefer suffix” function. Type in “/prefer suffix” and whatever you type next will be added to the end of your prompt. For example, you can add “sticker white background” or “aspect ratio 3:4” to your prefer suffix, and it will be automatically added to your prompt every time.

If you want to change your prefer suffix, type in “/prefer suffix” and type in your new suffix. For example, you can change it to “t-shirt design contour white background.” Alternatively, if you want to remove your prefer suffix entirely, leave it blank and hit enter.

Emphasize Certain Elements with Weights

One tip for getting better results with your prompt is to emphasize certain elements of it. For example, if you have a prompt for a motorbike sunset in the synth wave style, but you want the motorbike to be the main focus, you can use the weight function.

The way it works is by putting two colons and a number behind the word you want to emphasize. These numbers are relative to each other, so if you put a higher number behind the word you want to emphasize, it will be emphasized more. You can also use negative numbers to de-emphasize certain elements.

By adjusting the weights in the prompt, you can get very different results. In one example, the motorbike is the main focus and the sunset is in the background, while in another example, the sunset outweighs the motorbike graphic entirely. It's important to experiment with different weight values to achieve the desired emphasis on different elements of the prompt.

Upscale your images

Another useful tip to optimize your workflow in Midjourney is to use the image size settings. By default, Midjourney outputs images at a resolution of 512×512 pixels, which may be too small for some applications. However, with there's an AI tool on replicate.com called “nightmareai/real-esrgan“, that can easily upscale your images to a higher resolution.

nightmareai/real-esrgan, image upscaler

To use the tool, simply drag and drop your AI image into the website, and then configure the scale to which the size will be increased. For example, you can increase the size of your image by five times, and hit submit. In just a few seconds, the tool will increase the quality of your image, making it look smoother and better. This way, your image will also print better and won't look pixelated.

Quick Copy Prompts

Typing in the same exact prompt regularly can become tiresome. However, Midjourney offers a quick way to copy your prompt. Stay inside the message bar, hit the upwards arrow on your keyboard, and your previous prompt will reappear. This feature allows you to quickly make changes to the prompt without starting from scratch, saving you valuable time.

Collaborate with Other Midjourney Users

Midjourney has a community of users who share their designs and collaborate with each other. Joining this community can be a great way to get inspiration, learn new techniques, and collaborate on designs.


In conclusion, these 6 tips for using Midjourney's features can help you save time and get better results for your print on demand designs. By implementing these tips, you can create more diverse and effective designs for a variety of mediums, from posters to phone cases. So next time you're using Midjourney for your print on demand needs, give these Midjourney tips a try and see how they can enhance your design process.

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