4 Ai Tools That Will Make You Superhuman

Are you seeking to enhance your productivity and simplify your life? These four artificial intelligence technologies will make you feel superhuman. In this video, the speaker discusses how AI technologies may increase productivity and facilitate concept execution. These technologies have saved him a great deal of time while producing presentations, taking notes, composing emails, and conducting research, according to him.

The first tool the speaker discusses is Tome, a presentation builder driven by artificial intelligence. Using OpenAI's GPT-3 API and DALL-E-2 to produce text and graphics for the presentation, Tome makes it possible to construct a presentation in less than one minute. The speaker even proves this by preparing a presentation on how web3 and AI will affect the real estate market in the future. In addition, he notes that this application is ideal for developing pitch decks, business presentations, and academic assignments.

Copy.ai is a copywriting tool driven by artificial intelligence that can assist you with composing emails, blog articles, and even product descriptions. This technology can produce marketing content in seconds, saving the speaker considerable time.

The third tool is Midjourney, a debugging tool driven by artificial intelligence that assists in debugging machine learning models. This tool may save a lot of time and make debugging much simpler, according to the speaker.

Synthesia, the fourth tool, is an AI-powered video generator capable of creating videos using AI-generated human avatars. This technology allows the speaker to generate films in only seconds, saving him considerable time.

In closing, the speaker notes that these tools are not affiliated with any one organization and that he considers them to be really valuable. If you find these resources useful, he requests that you hit the like button and share the movie with your friends. With the assistance of these AI technologies, you can boost your productivity and simplify your life considerably.

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