3 Ways To Make Money With ChatGPT No One is Talking About!

Have you heard all the conventional wisdom about how to make money with ChatGPT? Don't worry; I've tried three different approaches that each provide monthly incomes in excess of $3,000. What's even better? There is no initial monetary outlay necessary.

Create and Sell APIs

To begin, there is the strategy of using ChatGPT to develop an API and then selling it to customers on a subscription basis. If you're not familiar with the term, “Application Programming Interface” (or “API”) refers to a set of protocols that allow computer programs to communicate with one another and exchange data and commands. The Facebook API acts as a “middleman” between developers and Facebook when, for instance, the developer wishes to publish a post on Facebook using their own code. ChatGPT makes implementing an API as simple as inserting some code into your project. As soon as your API is live, you can publish it on multiple marketplaces like RapidAPI and begin selling it to other programmers.

Create an AI Tool

The next technique is to make a tool with ChatGPT and either sell it or give it away. Even if it's only a word counter, you can use ChatGPT to give the tool's user interface a polished and engaging look and feel. To be successful with this approach, you must develop a one-of-a-kind tool, incorporate many tools into one website, and advertise your site extensively across various channels.

Sell JavaScript Files

Finally, there's the practice of trading JavaScript source code documents. With the aid of ChatGPT, you can quickly and simply write elementary programs that may be offered for sale on websites like CodeCanyon. Why not give selling these JS files a try if people are generating thousands of dollars per month doing it?


ChatGPT is not only a robust linguistic model but also a resource that may help you monetize your expertise and make money on the side. Keep in mind that being original, promoting your work, and being on the lookout for new chances are crucial to your success while using these techniques.

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