Nvidia GB200 Blackwell: The Future is Now in AI Computing Power

Nvidia GB200 Blackwell AI Chip

Discover the groundbreaking Nvidia GB200 Blackwell chip, set to revolutionize AI computing with 20 petaflops of power, and Nvidia’s innovative NIM software platform. Learn how this technology is shaping the future of AI and the excitement it’s generating among leading tech giants.

Microsoft Designer: A Powerful New AI Image Generation Tool

Microsoft Designer

Microsoft recently launched Designer, a powerful new AI image generation tool that makes stunning graphic design and visual content creation easy for anyone. Learn how Designer leverages the latest AI to turn text prompts into images, logos, presentations, social media assets, and more.

Aya, The Multilingual Revolution by Cohere For AI

Cohere for AI - Aya multilingual language model

Discover the groundbreaking multilingual language model, Aya, introduced by Cohere for AI. This open-science initiative aims to accelerate multilingual AI progress by offering an instruction-finetuned open-access model that can follow instructions in 101 languages, including many lower-resourced languages.